What Makes Israel So Good at Hacking?

Ever wonder what makes Israel so good at hacking? How does a small country like Israel consistently produce some of the world’s best hackers and cybersecurity practitioners? What does it take to make it to elite military cyber units like Unit 8200 and Unit 81?

The secret is people, not technology.

Israel’s cyber success lies in its human capital development system. Everything from assessing and selecting top talent, retaining them, and concentrating everything in one geographic area.

Watch now to see how it’s done!

DISCLAIMER: Israel is a polarizing topic. We are only presenting research and analysis of Israel from a cybersecurity perspective and take no stance on its political situation.

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00:00 Hacking Exploits of the Israel Defense Forces
01:55 How Did Israel Become So Powerful at Cyber?
05:00 The Key to Starting a Military Cyber Revolution
06:19 How Israel Recruits the Best Hackers
08:04 Key Personality Traits Top Israeli Hackers Have
09:35 How to Retain Top Cyber Talent
12:42 The Future of Israel’s Cyber Force
13:40 Building a Winning Cyber Army From Scratch


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