Interview with Raja Sanmugam | President of Tiruppur Export Association #textile #industry #news

RAJA SANMUGAM – A well known personality in the Indian Industrial segment.
Few Insights on Mr Raja Sanmugam:
👉🏻35+ Years in Textile Industry
👉🏻Manufacturer of Garments for Leading Brands around the world
👉🏻President of Tiruppur Export Association
👉🏻Representing the state of Tamilnadu as a Board Member in Board of Trade, India.

**Board of Trade comes under Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

In this video, the major take-aways are
👉🏻How Tiruppur evolved?
👉🏻What made this small town a role model for Indian Industries?
👉🏻What are the prospects of Indian textile Industry’s growth?
👉🏻What are the sustainability practices that Tiruppur Industries are following?
👉🏻Can India grow into a fabric sourcing destination?
👉🏻What are the plans for the near future?

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