Attacks on civilians and infrastructure: Has Russia become a ‘terrorist state’? | To the Point

Massacres, torture and kidnappings: the list of alleged war crimes committed by Russia is growing.

Moscow’s military is relentlessly bombarding civilian infrastructure in Ukraine. Power is often out, people are freezing in their homes and shelters, hospitals are destroyed, doctors working to exhaustion.

War crimes – or just the regrettable side effects of war? Meanwhile artillery barrages continue with undiminished force in the eastern Donbass province.

We ask: Has Russia become a “terrorist state”?

Our guests: Wolfgang Richter (military expert), Natalia Smolentceva (DW), Jessica Berlin (political analyst)


01:30 Is Russia a terrorist state?
02:45 The situation in Kherson
04:10 Hunger and cold as weapons?
05:10 Winter is coming
09:30 Definition of a terrorist state
10:00 USA does not want to classify Russia as a terrorist state
12:40 Demonization of Russia?
13:45 Is Russia committing genocide?
15:45 Will winter slow down the fighting?
17:30 Has the war reached a strategic turning point?
20:00 The situation at the front
21:30 Will the war escalate?
23:10 Are negotiations possible?


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