How Muslims reacted to an asian in public places – Social Experiment (COVID-19 / English Subtitles)

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🎬Équipe de tournage :
Chedly Belhadj
Emine Hannachi
Malek Bz
Aziz Belkadhi
Bilel FG
💻Montage video
Chedly Belhadj
➡️Un grand merci pour les sous-titres:
sous-titre anglais : Ahlem Jlassi

ردت فعل الشعب التونسي مع مصاب بالكورونا – (Social Experiment / تجربة اجتماعية)
how tunisians reacted to an asian in the streets (corona virus edition)
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An emergency session of Parliament has been suspended after the opposition rejected a bill meant to provide aid to Canadians hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Mike Le Couteur looks at politics during the pandemic, and Mercedes Stephenson explains how there could be some progress in the matter.
Also, as COVID-19 cases skyrocket across Canada, the pandemic is now making the vital work of paramedics more dangerous and complicated, Mike Armstrong explains. With more Canadian cases of COVID-19 being linked to community spread, it is crucial that people practice proper physical distancing. Eric Sorensen has a closer look at the statistics, and explains why keeping away from each other is key.
The ongoing mission to repatriate stranded Canadians continues, as the federal government organizes flights to Peru. But as Ross Lord reports, rescuing everyone right away is proving impossible.
On Tuesday, more than 9,000 new COVID-19 cases were reported in the U.S., the biggest spike of any country. Yet, U.S. President Donald Trump says he wants to reopen the economy and have everyone back at work by Easter. As Jackson Proskow reports, one top public health official says that could be dangerous.
In addition, experts answer viewers’ COVID-19 questions, in a fifth installment on Global National.



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