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A boarding school in the village of Serafimovka in the Urals aims to re-educate juvenile offenders.

Vadim is one of 70 teenagers who live in a boarding school in the village of Serafimovka in the Ural mountains. None of them are here voluntarily. The school is a re-education facility for juvenile offenders.

17-year-old Vadim caused an accident with a stolen car, and was sent to a re-education facility for juvenile offenders in the village of Serafimovka in the Ural mountains. All the boys here have criminal backgrounds, from pickpocketing and assault to drug-dealing and even murder. They’re here to be rehabilitated. Most of them spend about two years in Serafimovka. The teachers use both discipline and kindness, effectively standing in for the boys’ parents – many of whom are alcoholics, drug addicts, or behind bars. Back in the outside world, many of the boys end up joining the Russian armed forces. A Report by Juri Rescheto.

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