What impact has Russia’s war in Ukraine had on Africa? | DW News

It’s been one year since Russia began it’s invasion of Ukraine. Now while a war in Europe may seem far away from Africa, the impact has been felt by many across the continent of Africa. We asked some in Kenya and Nigeria how the war has affected them.
Some African countries imported up to 80 percent of their wheat from either Ukraine or Russia. Kenya for example used to import a third of its total wheat supply from the two warring nations. But now wheat producers and consumers are feeling the effects of war. Our correspondent Felix Maringa reports from Kenya.
Some African governments would rather seek a political position that works for them at home and abroad. In the latest vote at the UN General Assembly, 15 African nations abstained from a resolution that calls for Russia to end hostilities in Ukraine and withdraw its forces. That’s nearly half of all the abstentions. So why is that? Our correspondent Mariel Mueller looks at some of the possible reasons to choose non-alignment.
The war in Ukraine has also dealt a heavy blow to thousands of African students there who were forced to flee. A year later, many are still struggling to re-adjust to life and studies back home. DW’s Isaac Kaledzi met two medical students in Ghana’s capital, Accra.
Farmers across Africa have suffered hikes in fertilizer prices – as their components come mainly from Russia and Ukraine. And this has affected their crop yields.
But there is a way out – in Ghana most farmers are now turning to manure as an alternative. The rush for the dung is proving profitable. DW’s Maxwell Suuk reports from Ghana’s northeastern town of Bunkpurugu.

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