Police Brutality In China | China’s “Social Maintenance” Costs Reach Historical Peak | Is China Safe

Maintaining social stability, known as “Weiwen” in China, has always been the CCP’s first priority. In fact, there are three official security agencies for maintaining social stability: the Ministry of State Security, the Ministry of Public Security and the People’s Armed Police.

As early as 2009, China’s “stabilization spending” was $75.229 billion (10.7 billion USD), while spending $70.384 billion (9.15 billion USD) on national defense. In 2013, the main text of the budget did not mention the fund for stabilization, but in the “Public Security” column in the attached table, it was listed as 769.08 billion (110 billion USD), which was ten-fold the 2009 numbers. This year, it reached 1.39 trillion yuan (200 billion USD), doubling again in just 5 years.

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