What REALLY happens on live export ships?

[WARNING: Distressing footage] BREAKING: world-first footage taken by a brave whistleblower has exposed the extreme, routine suffering of sheep on Australia’s live sheep export ships — rendering the trade effectively illegal. TAKE ACTION NOW ➡️ http://www.AnimalsAus.org/td3

There’s no ‘nice’ way to send animals halfway around the world to be killed for meat.

A live sheep isn’t ‘cargo’. He breathes. He thinks. He can suffer. This simple fact may be lost on wealthy live export companies. But it wasn’t lost on one concerned crew member who was horrified by the suffering he witnessed on live export voyages… This footage exposes an industry acting unlawfully. It reveals what millions of gentle animals have endured for decades, in secret.

More than 100,000 litres of urine and faeces accumulates on a typical live export ship every day sheep are on board. The ship won’t be ‘washed out’ until after they’ve disembarked.

As the northern summer kicks in, on-board conditions can turn catastrophic. When temperatures soar — and predictably they do — weeks of untreated waste buildup ‘melts’ into a thick, deadly soup. Any animal needing to lie down to rest risks being buried in excrement.

Corrosive ammonia chokes the air and burns the eyes and throats of those on board. Distressed animals rapidly overheat. Their hearts race as they gasp for oxygen. Trapped in what is essentially a ‘giant oven’, extremely heat stressed animals collapse before literally being cooked alive. Other heat stressed sheep may die slowly over the following days. Those who survive a ‘heat event’ will continue to suffer in this putrid bog, now littered with the decaying bodies of their dead companions.

This new evidence renders the live sheep trade effectively illegal.

➡️ TAKE ACTION NOW 👉 http://www.AnimalsAus.org/td3

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