Mines, Missiles And…. | Russian Defence Against Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Takes West By Surprise?

The initial stage of the Ukrainian counteroffensive against Russia is likely disappointing Kyiv’s allies, as per a report. Some Western officials have claimed Ukraine’s counteroffensive is “not meeting expectations on any front”. Russian forces are reportedly showing more competence than expected against Ukraine’s counteroffensive, the officials told CNN. One of the officials said Ukrainian forces are proving “vulnerable” to minefields and Russian forces “competent” in their defence. The two officials said Ukrainian forces are also adapting to Russian tactics and defences for more dismounted operations.

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Video: AP/AFP/Reuters/Twitter

0:00 – Introduction
0:34 – Kyiv’s Counteroffensive “not Meeting Expectations”
1:46 – What is Making Ukrainian Troops Vulnerable?
3:52 – Kyiv’s Military “pausing” and “adapting” to Russian Tactics?

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