Indian Defence News:F-35 Acquisition to Outmatch China | Expert Opinion,New Main Gun for Drdo MBT

Today’s Latest Indian Defence News/Indian defence Updates in Hindi As Follow:F-35 Acquisition to Outmatch China | Expert Opinion,New Main Gun for Drdo MBT

Today’s Latest Indian Defence News Headlines:-
0:00 – Intro / Start
0:20 – MoD Seeks Air Defence Gun Missile System (Self-Propelled), Army Issues RFI
2:10 – ARDE to Develop Advanced Main Gun for Next Generation Main Battle Tank
4:39 – India to Conduct Tests of Tube-Launched Loitering Munition
5:56 – Spanish Navantia enters Indian Submarine Race, offers S80 Plus
7:48 – India should get F-35 to Counter China : US Military expert

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